Areas of Expertise

Anxiety and Trauma

and working with teenagers

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is all about focus and imagination.  By visualising your goals and how you want to BE you can make profound changes to your thinking mind and your behaviour and habits.

It is a simple technique, where you are always in control and aware.  I teach all clients self-hypnosis and this often becomes a huge part of their lives to transformation.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

Do you have a memory of a trauma that causes you to feel anxious or panicked?  Can you still remember that time vividly, as if it were happening right now? 


EMDR works with how your brain stores memory and emotion.  It is a simple processing technique, that enables the trauma to be remembered without triggering an unpleasant response.

Metaphor Changework

Eliciting your personal metaphor enables any changework to match your personal unconscious state.


It is a simple technique that I use with all clients to ensure we are 'seeing the same picture.'

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Often described as an emotional version of acupuncture without needles.


This is a unique technique that calms you so that you may think more clearly about your problem.

How I work - My Approach

Our initial conversation will enable me to understand YOU and what changes you would like to make. You get the opportunity to be listened to and heard, then decide if I am the right therapist for you.


It is vital that our relationship is based upon trust and you believing I have the knowledge and skills to guide you in the right direction.

I work from my Therapy Room, in person, by phone or Zoom.

During our first conversation we will discuss the issue, consider what may have helped you in the past and what may not be helping in the present and identify some short term goals. 


From here if you decide you would like to book a therapeutic session, we will begin to formulate and agree a treatment plan. This is a plan specifically tailored to your needs and requirements and will recommend how many sessions may be optimal for positive results. 

Common Questions

How many sessions will I need?

This is impossible to answer, however, most clients have two to four hours of therapy.  I offer packages of 4 sessions.

You offer many types of therapy, how will I choose which one is best?

I blend all appropriate therapy types to suit you as a person and the results you wish to achieve. Hypnosis is a highly effective and proven vehicle for other therapies such as CBT. If you have experience and prefer one type of therapy, we can focus on that as the primary therapeutic tool.

How long are your sessions?

With experience, I now have a flexible approach.  Some clients prefer a standard session time of 50 minutes. We will discuss what works best for you when making the plan.

What is my investment?

An initial conversation is £30 (lasting up to one hour). A therapeutic hour online is £60, face to face is £75.

How do I pay?

Upon booking an appointment, payment is required within 24 hours by bank transfer, otherwise the session will be cancelled. 


24 hours is required in writing by email or via the contact form for an online appointment cancellation, if payment has already been made you have the option to use it for another session or receive 100% full refund by bank transfer. If less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given, or it is not given in writing by email - no refund will be given.

For face to face appointments, I have booked a therapy room for your session.  If 24 hours notice is given prior to the appointment, I offer an online credit appointment, no refund.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, no refund, no credit.

What are your working hours?

These are flexible; please get in touch with your availability.

Do I have to do anything outside of session?

Absolutely! It is important to take personal responsibility for change and start working on your own whilst at home.  Clients that effectively do this, get the best, long lasting results.

How do you support me?

Once you are signed up as a client, you are able to email me whilst we are working together.  I encourage you to keep in touch with updates and questions so that I am fully informed with all progress or any changes before each session.


I ask you to have a Dropbox account so that I can share session notes, homework and other information that will help you.

Do you provide audios?

I used to record and send them to clients which could be time consuming to upload. So, now with modern smart phones, I suggest that you download a Voice Recorder App before our first session. 


I am happy for you to record any hypnosis session.  Be aware that these recordings should NOT be used whilst driving, operating machinery, or shared etc.


Terms Confidentiality Guarantee